Inspection Date
Inspect #
Reinspection (002)
Violation #20-21.01(b)(04) Inspectors Notes
Special Requirements. Eggs. Raw shell eggs received and not immediately placed in refrigerated equipment that maintains an ambient air temperature of 45°F (7°C) or less, except that shell eggs that have been specifically processed to destroy all via

Violation #20-21.02(a)(02)a Inspectors Notes
General. Time without temperature control. Except as specified under subitem d of this item, when time without temperature control is used as the public health control for a working supply of time/temperature controlled for safety (TCS) food before cookin

Violation #20-21.10(a) Inspectors Notes
Materials; general. Multi-use equipment and utensils not designed, constructed and repaired with safe materials, including finishing materials / not corrosion-resistant and nonabsorbent / not smooth, easily cleanable and durable under conditions of normal

Violation #20-21.10(a) Inspectors Notes
Materials; general. Equipment components such as doors, seals, hinges, fasteners, and kick plates not kept intact, tight, and adjusted in accordance with manufacturers\

Violation #20-21.11(a)(07) Inspectors Notes
Cleaning frequency. Nonfood-contact surfaces of equipment not cleaned as often as is necessary to keep the equipment free of accumulation of dust, dirt, food particles, and other debris.

Violation #20-21.21(d) Inspectors Notes
Removing dead or trapped birds / insects / rodents / other pests. Dead or trapped birds / insects / rodents / other pests not removed from control devices and the premises at a frequency that prevents the accumulation or attraction of pests and minimizes

Violation #20-21.22(a) Inspectors Notes
Floors. Floors and floor coverings of all food preparation, food storage, utensil-washing areas, walk-in refrigerating units, dressing rooms, locker rooms, and toilet rooms shall be kept clean.

Violation #20-21.23(a) Inspectors Notes
Maintenance. Walls / ceilings, including doors, windows, skylights, and similar closures, not kept clean.

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