1102 YALE ST HOUSTON TX, 77008

Inspection Date
Inspect #
Routine Inspection (001)
Violation #20-21.04(c)(05) Inspectors Notes
Cooking time/temperature controlled for safety (TCS) foods. Permit holder failed to inform consumers of the significantly increased risk of consuming foods by way of a disclosure and reminder, as specified in items (06) and (07) of this subsection by usi

Violation #20-21.05(a) Inspectors Notes
Time/temperature controlled for safety (TCS) food. Except when time is used as a public health control as specified in section 20-21.02(a)(02) of this code, time/temperature controlled for safety (TCS) food shall be kept at an internal temperature of 41Â

Violation #20-21.08(f) Inspectors Notes
Hair restraint. While handling food or utensils, food employees not wearing effective hair restraints and clothing that covers body hair to prevent the contamination of food or food-contact surfaces. An effective hair restraint means any cap / hat / hair

Violation #20-21.08(g) Inspectors Notes
Jewelry and nail polish. While preparing food, unless wearing intact gloves, a food employee may not wear artificial polish or artificial fingernails when working with exposed food. While preparing food, a food employee may not wear any jewelry, including

Violation #20-21.10(b)(01) Inspectors Notes
Design and fabrication; general. Food-contact surfaces not easily cleanable / smooth / not free of breaks / open seams / cracks / chips / pits / similar imperfections / not free of difficult-to-clean internal corners and crevices / not finished to have sm

Violation #20-21.10(a) Inspectors Notes
Materials; general. All equipment and utensils not maintained in good repair.

Violation #20-21.10(f) Inspectors Notes
Temperature and pressure measuring devices. Ambient air temperature, water pressure, and water temperature measuring devices not maintained in good repair / not accurate within the intended range of use.

Violation #20-21.11(a)(13) Inspectors Notes
Cleaning frequency. Equipment, food-contact surfaces, and utensils not clean to sight and touch.

Violation #20-21.14(b)(01) Inspectors Notes
Storage. The food-contact surfaces of fixed equipment not protected from contamination.

Violation #20-21.14(b)(01) Inspectors Notes
Storage. Cleaned and sanitized utensils and movable equipment not stored at least six inches above the floor in a clean, dry location in a way that protects them from contamination by splash, dust, and other means.

Violation #20-21.19(c) Inspectors Notes
Hand-washing sink supplies. Supply of hand-cleansing liquid / powder / bar soap not available at each hand-washing sink or group of two adjacent hand-washing sinks.

Violation #20-21.19(c) Inspectors Notes
Hand-washing sink supplies. Hand-washing sink or group of adjacent hand-washing sinks not provided with individual, disposable towels / a continuous towel system that supplies the user with a clean towel / a hand-drying device providing heated air or a h

Violation #20-21.27(b) Inspectors Notes
Labeling of materials. Working containers used for storing poisonous / toxic materials such as cleaners and sanitizers taken from bulk supplies not clearly / individually identified with the common name of the material.

Violation #20-21.27(d)(02) Inspectors Notes
Use of materials, container prohibitions, poisonous or toxic material containers. Poisonous / toxic material used in a way that contaminates food / equipment / utensils / used in a way that constitutes a hazard to employees or other persons / used in a wa

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