Inspection Date
Inspect #
Routine Inspection (001)
Violation #20-19(b) Inspectors Notes
Applicability of article; compliance; penalty for violation; variances, etc. Operating a food service / processing establishment not conforming to requirements of article II.

Violation #20-21.03(b)(01) Inspectors Notes
Refrigerated storage. Refrigeration facilities. The sensor of a temperature measuring device shall be located to measure the air temperature or a simulated product temperature in the warmest part of the mechanically refrigerated unit and designed to be ea

Violation #20-21.03(a)(05) Inspectors Notes
General. Packaged / unpackaged food stored in contact with water / un-drained ice.

Violation #20-21.08(f) Inspectors Notes
Hair restraint. While handling food or utensils, food employees not wearing effective hair restraints and clothing that covers body hair to prevent the contamination of food or food-contact surfaces. An effective hair restraint means any cap / hat / hair

Violation #20-21.11(a)(07) Inspectors Notes
Cleaning frequency. Nonfood-contact surfaces of equipment not cleaned as often as is necessary to keep the equipment free of accumulation of dust, dirt, food particles, and other debris.

Violation #20-21.15(c) Inspectors Notes
Water under pressure. Hot water is at least 105°F (41°C)but less than 110°F (43°C). Minimum acceptable temperature is 110°F (43°C) except as specified in section 20-21.12(d)(02) and 20-21.19(b) of this code. Hot water generation and dist

Violation #20-21.18(d) Inspectors Notes
Toilet fixtures. Toilet room not provided with at least one covered waste receptacle.

Violation #20-21.19(c) Inspectors Notes
Hand-washing sink supplies. Supply of hand-cleansing liquid / powder / bar soap not available at each hand-washing sink or group of two adjacent hand-washing sinks.

Violation #20-21.19(c) Inspectors Notes
Hand-washing sink supplies. When disposable towels are used, easily cleanable waste receptacles not conveniently located near the hand-washing facilities.

Violation #20-21.23(g) Inspectors Notes
Attachments. Light fixtures / vent covers / wall-mounted fans / decorative materials / similar equipment attached to walls and ceilings not easily cleanable / not maintained in good repair / not kept clean.

The information on this page is obtained from Texas government records and is compiled from sanitation and safety inspections of named restaurants. Each inspection report is a "snapshot" of conditions present at the time of the inspection. On any given day, an establishment may have fewer or more demerits than noted in their most recent inspection. Inspections conducted on any given day may not be representative of the overall, long-term conditions at the establishment. Because conditions can change rapidly, establishments are not graded or rated. This webpage is not the official source of this information and should not be relied upon as such. Source: Houston Health Dept. Restaurant Reports powered by Web Services LLC