Inspection Date
Inspect #
Routine Inspection (001)
Violation #20-21.02(a)(01) Inspectors Notes
General. At all times, including while being stored, prepared, displayed, served, received, or transported, food not protected from potential contamination by all agents, including dust, insects, rodents, toxic materials, cross-contamination, damaged or s

Violation #20-21.03(a)(06) Inspectors Notes
General. Bulk food removed from original container not stored in a container identifying the food by common name.

Violation #20-21.03(a)(01) Inspectors Notes
General. Raw / prepared food removed from original containers / packages being stored in unclean containers / being stored in uncovered containers..

Violation #20-21.03(b)(03) Inspectors Notes
Refrigerated storage. Methods for rapid cooling. Approved methods for rapid cooling not utilized.

Violation #20-21.11(c)(03) Inspectors Notes
Wiping cloths. Moist cloths used for cleaning nonfood-contact surfaces of equipment such as counters, dining table tops and shelves not clean / not rinsed frequently in one of the sanitizing solutions permitted in section 20-21.12(e)(02) through (06) of t

Violation #20-21.13(g)(03) Inspectors Notes
Chemicals. Machines (single-tank, stationary-rack, door-type machines and spray-type glass washers) using chemicals for sanitization not provided with automatically dispensed chemicals.

Violation #20-21.14(c)(03) Inspectors Notes
Single-service articles. Single-service knives / forks / spoons packaged in bulk not inserted into holders / not wrapped by an employee who has washed his hands immediately prior to sorting or wrapping the utensils. Holders for single-service knives / for

Violation #20-21.14(b)(03) Inspectors Notes
Storage. Facilities for the storage of knives, forks, and spoons shall be designed and used to present the handle to the employee or consumer.

Violation #20-21.19(b) Inspectors Notes
Hand-washing sink faucets. Hand-washing sink not equipped to provide water at a temperature of at least 100°F (38°C) through a mixing valve or combination faucet. Hand-washing sinks in facilities providing custodial care for preschool age children t

Violation #20-21.19(c) Inspectors Notes
Hand-washing sink supplies. Hand-washing sink or group of adjacent hand-washing sinks not provided with individual, disposable towels / a continuous towel system that supplies the user with a clean towel / a hand-drying device providing heated air or a h

Violation #20-21.19(c) Inspectors Notes
Hand-washing sink supplies. When disposable towels are used, easily cleanable waste receptacles not conveniently located near the hand-washing facilities.

Violation #20-21.21(b) Inspectors Notes
Openings. Outside openings not protected against the entrance of insects by filling or closing holes and other gaps along floors / walls / ceilings / tight-fitting, self-closing doors, kept closed / closed windows / screening / properly designed and insta

Violation #20-21.27(c) Inspectors Notes
Storage, separation of materials. Poisonous or toxic materials not stored so they cannot contaminate food / equipment / utensils / linens / single-service and single-use articles. This may be accomplished by separating the poisonous / toxic material by s

Violation # Inspectors Notes
Foodborne Illness Risk Factors: 20-53

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