4723 W 34TH HOUSTON TX, 77092

Inspection Date
Inspect #
Routine Inspection (001)
Violation #20-21.19(a) Inspectors Notes
Hand-washing sink not accessible to employees at all times.

Violation #20-21.1(b)(3) Inspectors Notes
Whole eggs held at an ambient temperature above 45° F.

Violation #20-21.24(a) Inspectors Notes
Not providing at least 30 foot-candles of light to surfaces or equipment in: food storage area(s) / hand washing area(s) / equipment and utensil washing area(s) / toilet room(s) / food storage area(s).

Violation #20-21.15(f) Inspectors Notes
Ice making machine / plant not: located / installed / operated / maintained to prevent contamination of the ice.

Violation #20-21.5(e) Inspectors Notes
Ice dispensing utensil(s) not stored on a clean surface or in the ice with the handle extended out from the ice.

Violation #20-21.3(a)(6) Inspectors Notes
Bulk food removed from original container not stored in a container identifying the food by common name.

Violation #20-21.10(i) Inspectors Notes
Existing equipment: is not in good repair / is not capable of being maintained in a sanitary condition / is a food-contact surface that is toxic.

Violation #20-21.23(g) Inspectors Notes
Fans attached to walls / ceilings not: easily cleanable / maintained in good repair / kept clean.

Violation #20-21.18(c) Inspectors Notes
No hand-washing sign posted in employees’ toilet room.

Violation #20-21.27(c) Inspectors Notes
Poisonous / toxic material: not stored or physically separated by each category / stored above food / stored above food equipment / stored above utensils / stored above single service articles.

Violation #20-21.26(b) Inspectors Notes
Employee\'s locker(s) / facilities for storage of clothing and other belongings located in unapproved area.

Violation #20-21.10(g) Inspectors Notes
Nonfood-contact surfaces of equipment not smooth / washable / free of unnecessary ledges / projections / crevices / accessible for cleaning / maintained in good repair /.maintained in a clean and sanitary condition.

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