Inspection Date
Inspect #
Routine Inspection (001)
Violation #21-244(b) Inspectors Notes
Signs clearly stating that smoking is prohibited within not conspicuously posted at every entrance to a public place.

Violation #20-21.19(g) Inspectors Notes
Hand washing sign / icon / poster not (posted / visible) at all hand-washing sinks used by food employees

Violation #20-21.20(a)(3) Inspectors Notes
(Garbage / Receptacles / Waste handling units for refuse / Recyclables / Returnables) stored outside not kept covered when not in actual use.

Violation #20-21.21(b) Inspectors Notes
Openings to the outside not protected against the entrance of insects by: doors kept closed / closed windows / screening / properly designed and installed air curtains / self closing screen doors..

Violation #20-21.23(a) Inspectors Notes
Wall / Ceiling not kept clean.

Violation #20-19(b) Inspectors Notes
Operating a food service / processing establishment not conforming to requirements of Article II.

Violation #20-21.11(a)(13) Inspectors Notes
Equipment/food-contact surfaces/utensils not clean to sight and touch.

Violation #20-21.15(c) Inspectors Notes
Failure to provide water at 110° F. (43° C.).

Violation #20-21.15(f) Inspectors Notes
Ice making machine / plant not: located / installed / operated / maintained to prevent contamination of the ice.

Violation #20-21.2(b)(2)a Inspectors Notes
Raw animal foods not combined as ingredients not separated from each other during storage / preparation / holding / display by using separate equipment for each type of food.

Violation #20-21.3(a)(2) Inspectors Notes
Container of food not stored in a manner that permits easy cleaning of the storage area.

Violation #20-21.3(a)(6) Inspectors Notes
Bulk food removed from original container not stored in a container identifying the food by common name.

Violation #20-21.5(f) Inspectors Notes
No suitable dispensing utensils provided for employees / consumers during pauses in food preparation / dispensing.

Violation #20-21.9(a) Inspectors Notes
Employee consuming food in unapproved area.

Violation #20-21.12(g) Inspectors Notes
No test kit or other device provided/used to measure parts per million or milligrams per liter of chemical sanitization solution.

Violation #20-21.10(a) Inspectors Notes
Multiuse equipment / utensils not designed / constructed with safe materials / repaired with safe materials / corrosion resistant / nonabsorbent / smooth / easily cleanable / durable / maintained in good repair.

Violation #20-21.13(i) Inspectors Notes
Dishwashing machine not thoroughly cleaned (at least once a day or often as necessary).

Violation #20-21.28(a)(3) Inspectors Notes
Equipment and utensils that are not in current use: stored in an unclean / unsanitary condition / not removed from the premises.

Violation #20-21.14(b)(1) Inspectors Notes
Cleaned and sanitized utensils / equipment not stored: at least 6 inches above the floor in a clean / dry location / stored in a manner to protect from contamination.

Violation #20-21.22(a) Inspectors Notes
Floors / floor covering not kept clean in: food preparation area / walk-in refrigeration unit / food storage area / dressing room / locker room / utensil-washing area / toilet room / vestibule.

Violation #20-21.26(b) Inspectors Notes
Failure to provide sufficient facilities for storing employees clothing and possessions.

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